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profile Albert An Hi there, this is Albert. I am here to coach you to be the best version of yourself. Let's do this!
profile Goku I'll always be available and always be supportive, I love helping people and I know how they feel going through this
profile Xirdo Inspiration, motivation and consistent. I like to help and motived people.
profile teto The guy who likes to help in every way (أتحدث العربية)
profile Positive Zero I will work to the best of my ability to help solve your problems.
profile medo انا رياضي واعلم الكثير عن قوانين العقل الباطن
profile Olforone Instead of take your hand to fap, let's join our hands to fight it together !!! [Je parle français aussi les gars ;) ]
profile Eliseo Ayuda en Español, se como te sientes, se que estas aquí por iniciativa propia ese es el primer paso ya lo tienes ahora A DARLE FUERZA MENTAL!! Te ayudaré a ser persistente y saber llevar esta situación.
profile Matt I'm a med student so my job is helping people! I'll be available to answer even your health concerning about fapping!
profile Ken Kaneki I suffered a lot due to fapping(my grades went down, my social life became nothing) .I know the pain (be it emotional or phsycological) everyone related to this issue is suffering and I am sure that I can help everyone to come out of this problem & to show the world the 'better' version of themself.
profile ArgenChino I just want to recieve God's help for overcoming my fap adiction, and I will be glad to help my followers. I will help you as a partner, because i am suffering the same that you--((TAMBIEN EN ESPAÑOL))--
profile Vince honesty ist my key towards a porn free life. So lets be honest to each other. I will help wherever I can.
profile michael am very good at encouraging people with strategic ways to get them busy with other positive things
profile Ian Rayner I encourage, lead, and I am a Christian.
profile lepantospirit Supportive, patient, with large experience against this vicious, i will love to help everyone.
profile clint I'm a licensed minister. And I believe Jesus Christ is the answer for every problem.
profile Shree Proud feeling..... I am now a coach in alberts nfc app!
profile Brandon I just want to find someone who I can be accountable with.
profile forge writer and editor of a new life. . just written funny minds about yourself
profile Angel Disfruto hacer lo que es moralmente correcto, y encontrar el lado filosófico de las cosas
profile stop steady ..
profile lin supportive experience and knowledge of addiction im caring and loyal n love to help you
profile bagus never give up mentor
profile Steve I'm the kind of guy who has Been through all the stress and still stay strong.
profile Bright Hey my name is Bright, I started making youtube videos about nofap to help people :D BrightLifestyle on Youtube
profile Vegeta Im motivator here to help everyone succeeded. Allow me to help you be the best YOU that you can be!
profile seth shaffer I never give up! on myself or others! my positivity is contagious and I love helping people!
profile Billy the Kid I am a Teacher.
profile Firefighter I'm a spiritually-centered counselor that has overcome porn. Just like firefighting, I rescue those that want my help
profile willmaestro It's not about why you're here it's about why you wanna go. so let's go!
profile Abdullah iam abdullah najib a masturbatwr scense 3 years and wanna leave it
profile bilal hey bro listen i have some tricks that i want to give you to fight and i just want to help you peace
profile kalask I'm here to help everyone through their bad times. Myös suomeksi.
profile andreas I am an honest person.I will tell you the truth.im a christian and always investing in people
profile The Mountain I am The Mountain. Structure, Discipline & Patience is all you need to achieve the greatest version of yourself.
profile Farhandika Mursyid I am emphasizing in talking about the science of pornography, and also, teaching means learning
profile spmegaman I know how hard nofap is and I experienced a shitload of fails... but I developped many ways to overcome the urge.
profile Farhandika Mursyid just a helper
profile randallrbaker I like to think of my self as a co-mentor since I try and connect and help people on a more personal level.